Classroom Training

In-Flight Supplies

This mandatory course is to provide persons working for known suppliers who have access to in-flight supplies with the knowledge and skills needed to provide effective security in accordance with the relevant legislation.  The course can be taken fully online or as a classroom course.  If you are not a contracted customer please email us for further details.

  • Aviation security - threat and mitigation
  • Response to security incidents 
  • Prohibited articles
  • Screening methods
  • Screening by visual check
  • Screening by hand search
  • Screening by x-ray
  • Using explosive trace detection equipment 
  • Transportation requirements 
  • Challenging unauthorised persons
  • Protection of in-flight supplies

Availability and booking

On-line booking for our training courses is only available to contracted customers.

If you are a contracted customer, please log in to your account and place your bookings from your account page.

If you would like to find out more details about our training courses and contracts, please contact us